Living life fully grounded in love is a lot like the evolution of a butterfly; it’s encapsulating, disguised, fragile, beautiful, emerging, fleeting, complex sometimes limited.

Shannon M. O’Regan is my name.  Please call me SMO.  I’m a fab human, experienced at many things, with opinions on even more, while possessing a panache for being transparently honest. I’m someone who wishes her boobs and booty were two sizes smaller and periodically resents the growing gray hair on my head.  I am an advocate for grief and addiction recovery derived from happenings in my own life.  Like a butterfly, and human life itself, my writing is evolving and transforming.

The first iteration of Papillon D’amour – Butterfly of Love in French – was centered on healing and emerging out of the trenches of grief following the death of my late husband, Boomer and coming to terms with my own personal truths as a result.

While I continue to turn personal tragedy into an emerging writing career aimed to reach and help the masses live life, love life, honor life in all its many facets and stages – especially when it’s soooo much easier not to – today, I write about: Love.   I explore where, when, and how love is present, absent, thriving, disillusioned, fractured, whole, or empty in all areas of life.  I integrate my personal experience and observations hopefully through even better spirit-centered story telling.  I try to break it down, turn it around, put it upside down and reassemble it.  Pretty much the same way I’m doing with my life right now.

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